There are times when the ruling fashion cognoscenti and arbiters of taste fall astray, leaving all at the mercy of fatuous trends and pop culture’s caprice. Haute couture begins resembling the outlandish, the avant-garde blurs with the obscene. It is at such times that we look to figures like Jane Oh, this season’s rapidly rising new designer, to steer the course. Blessed with a keen sensibility, acute eye for detail and rare refinement, Oh achieves harmony among her creations, reflecting endless modernist variations on an Old World theme—with edgy innovation.

Obtaining her Business degree from USC in 2002, Oh forged onward to the esteemed Parsons School of Design in NYC to further cultivate the designer within. After working internships at Marc Jacobs and at a licensee for Michael Kors, Oh began developing her own collection. Entirely cloaked in the “absolute black” of Balenciaga, Oh’s brilliant debut has already begun paving the way to global notoriety.

Devoted to detail and craftsmanship, Oh’s creations exude sophistication and timelessness. An architect of proportion, mastering the body’s lines and consummate structures, Oh’s spare silhouettes emanate nostalgia and polish. Made for the provocative coquette, the Jane Oh woman is self-assured and outspoken, yet classically feminine and undeniably sultry.